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Heat Detector versus Smoke Detector

What is the difference between a heat detector and a smoke detector? This question comes up all the time in our industry. There is many people who think they accomplish the same thing which is detect fire. While this is true there is a big difference between the two.

Smoke Detector

System Sensor 4WTA-B Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors are designed to protect people and buildings during the early signs of fire. Some fires do not accumulate a flame until after it has been burning for awhile. While there is no flame to indicate a fire there is smoke. Smoke or poisonous fumes are the leading cause of harm during a fire. This makes smoke detectors crucial for homes and occupied businesses.

Heat Detector

Honeywell H355 Heat Detector

Heat Detectors are designed to sense temperature change cause by fire. Fire causes detrimental damage to buildings. Detecting fire heat is very important to make sure a fire does not get out of control. Heat detectors are mostly for buildings where the building is the main concern.

Why do we still see Heat Detectors?

You might wonder why we still use heat detectors if smoke detectors are meant to protect people? Heat detectors are used when the primary focus is building protection. In some cases heat detectors are also used because of the low cost, and the reliability against extreme conditions. Also, they are often used to trigger fire sprinkler systems or fire suppression systems. If a smoke detector was hooked up to a sprinkler system it could trigger the water during a false alarm, and water damage your building.

A smoke detectors’ mentality is to go into alarm at the first sign of smoke. If you were to compare a smoke detector and a heat detector, the smoke detector would always be the one to “cry wolf”. As I’m sure you know (from the smoke detectors in your home) they are known to make false alarms.

Are false alarms worth having a smoke detector in a residence?

Yes. Yes. One hundred percent yes. It is not only law to have smoke detectors throughout your home, but our expert opinion. Early detection is crucial in homes. Like we discussed earlier smoke is almost always the culprit of harm during fires. It only takes one inhale to cause damage to your respiratory system. Our bodies need oxygen to function.

If there is a fire that means that fire is burning the oxygen, and creating smoke from the things the fire is burning. That fire can burn many things in your home that results in smoke. Smoke can in turn contain poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide and cyanide. If you are breathing the smoke or poisonous gases you will pass out, or worse die in a just a few minutes. Fire is no joke and the faster you can detect fire the safer you will be.

Are there hybrids of smoke detectors and heat detectors?

Honeywell 5808W3 heat/smoke detector

There are definite pluses to both detectors. So naturally you want both! Shield Fire & Security can get you both in one detector. They are called smoke/heat detectors. I know what you are thinking. Why would I go into detail about smoke detectors versus heat detectors if there’s one that does both jobs? Well, I want you to know that there are detectors out there that don’t do both. I want you to be educated on the product you are buying for the protection of your family and business. In an emergency you are going to really appreciate a detector that does the job you set out for it to do.

“I’m good, I already have smoke detectors.”

Ideally, I want you to contact us at Shield Fire & Security so that way you definitely get the right detector for you, and you don’t have false assumptions on what the detector can do. I want you to contact us so we can monitor this detector for you 24/7. In the event of a fire not only will your detector go into an alarm, but you will also be notified and have the authorities called. Notification of a fire is very important when you are not home.

I’m not trying to scare you, but really think about that for a second. What would happen if you were not home during a fire? How would you know? You wouldn’t. You would need to depend on neighbors to call the authorities. Who would know you have children or pets inside? They wouldn’t. You are the first person that should know there is a fire in your home and/or business. You are the best person to help authorities stop a fire.

“I want monitored smoke/heat detectors.”

Contact a fire security specialist at Shield Fire & Security 702-570-6221 or contact us here. Fire security is one of the most important services we offer. We find fire security so important that we put “fire” in our name. Shield installs a smoke detectors, heat sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarm in your home or business.


Did you know that there is one home fire every 90 seconds?

Find out more fire facts on NFPA site:


August Smart Lock

Unlock and Lock your home, manage key-less entry for all users, and view event history from anywhere in the world with your August Smart Lock! The August Smart Lock is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. This makes the lock easily accessible on your smart phone and tablet. The lock comes silver or bronze and can link to Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0. If you are a current customer of Shield Fire & Security ask us how you can add the August Smart Lock to your account by calling 702-570-6221 or check out our request a quote page.

Remotely Manage the August Smart Lock

The August Connect Wi-Fi bridge allows for remote management of your home. Remotely access your August Smart lock from anywhere through Honeywell’s Total Connect app or through the August app. You can lock or unlock the door, add/delete users, and assign access schedules to certain users.

When the August Smart lock is connected to Total Connect you can intertwine it with other devices. For example if you have a Video Skybell your visitors are video verified, and you can then proceed to unlock the door from the same app. Another customer favorite is having your door set to automatically unlock when you enter a certain distance from your house. This feature is called geo fencing and comes in handy especially when you are bringing in groceries.

Contact Shield Fire & Security to make your home a smart home: 702-570-6221 or go to our contact page.

No More Key Copying

Give access to family members, friends, service providers, etc. without ever making a copy of a key again. No more worrying about lost keys or someone just walking in unauthorized. You can manage it all from the touch of your phone. A notification is also sent every time someone unlocks or locks your door. Notifications keep you informed about who is coming and going and at what time. Parents find this perfect to see when their kids coming home from school.

Is Your Door Locked?

We have all had that moment of uncertainty when it came to locking our door. I used to find myself saying, “Did I lock my door? I was in a huge rush this morning.” If you are anything like me then this is a question you won’t ask yourself ever again. The August Smart Lock tells you when your home is unlocked from the convenience of your August App or Total Connect App. A notification can also be sent if you leave your geo-fence area (as mentioned earlier in this article).

There is also the auto lock option. Your August Smart Lock can automatically lock and unlock itself upon arrival and departure of your home. That makes things even easier because you never even have to pull out your phone or touch the lock.

Easy Installation

No one has time to spend hours figuring out how to be a locksmith, and that’s what usually ends up happening when installing smart locks. Locks are finicky and only fit on certain doors. Shield Fire & Security has seen many locks. We install all different kinds of locks on a daily basis. In our experience the August Lock is the most simple to install. The August Lock just goes right over your dead bolt. This means almost anyone can install the lock.

***If you want the lock to intertwine with your third party app such as Total Connect you will need to contact your security provider.

If you are a current customer of Shield Fire & Security ask us how you can add the August Smart Lock to your account by calling 702-570-6221 or check out our request a quote page.

Video Camera Features

Video cameras are a broad topic. Today’s technology has advanced vastly from the analog CCTV systems that everyday business owners are used to. In this article we are going to discuss the following features video cameras can offer:

  • Smart IR
  • Turbo HD
  • WDR
  • IR

Smart IR Video Cameras

Have you ever looked over footage on video cameras, and there was a white face? The face was so white you couldn’t tell who they were. This was and still is a common issue with video cameras. White faces occur because a person gets too close to the IR LEDs of the night vision camera. This occurs even when the video camera is recording a 65 foot IR range. If a person can approach the camera this issue is going to occur.

Smart IR solves this white face dilemma by automatically adjusting the video camera’s intensity of the infrared LEDs when an object approaches. Smart IR technology is built right into a video camera. This feature is unfortunately not an attachment or software update for existing cameras. The Smart IR feature has become crucial for almost every business owner who wants night video surveillance because it makes catching criminals so much easier.

Check out Vivotek’s site for a better understanding of Smart IR!

Turbo HD Video Cameras

Turbo HD cameras provide high-definition megapixel video. I know what you are thinking. Why is this special? Turbo HD supports up to 1080p resolution at distances over 1500 feet, has immunity to electromagnetic interference, live video can be view in high resolution with zero latency because the stream is uncompressed, and has Bi-directional signalling that allows for PTZ control and setting camera functions remotely.

Previous HD video over coax methods have continuously struggled with these features. They have been just plain out unreliable due to distance and lack of bi-directional communications. That’s what make Turbo HD so innovative because it solves so many issues old cameras were having.

Hikvision does a great job at explaining this concept watch the following video for a visual explanation:

WDR Video Cameras

Also known as “Wide Dynamic Range”. WDR cameras have special software that allows them to balance lighting into one clear image. This alleviates dark spots in the video and shows more vivid details. Many cameras have trouble recording underexposed and overexposed images because they are designed to record the middle area of light between very dark and very bright.

WDR uses tone mapping which lets the camera automatically brightens dare areas and darkens light areas. The software can also capture several images of the scene at different exposure levels. This allows the video camera to collect identical images both underexposed and overexposed and to take the best parts of each image.

IR Video Cameras

IR cameras sense infrared energy (heat) and converts it into an electronic signal. This electronic signal is then processed to produce an image on a video monitor and to preform temperature calculations. IR cameras allow you to monitor thermal performance.


More information on Video Cameras

Shield Fire & Security specializes in video surveillance. Click here to find out more information or contact us at 702-570-6221 to talk to a security specialist. We also offer a free security analysis for you business or home.

Video Surveillance Prevents Crime and Now Fires

Video surveillance cameras are now detecting fires in Nevada. Wild fires have been on everyone’s mind with the recent devastation in California. The biggest question that has been on our mind is, “Is Nevada taking preventative measures for fires in our home state, and is it working?”

Amazingly enough the answer to that question is, yes, Nevada is taking preventative measures for fires. More than 30 cameras have been placed throughout Nevada’s forests. These strategically located cameras have spotted over 200 wild fires. In many situations these fires would have not been caught until they had burned on for several acres.

Video Surveillance Systems

Axis video camera

Before we go into how important fire detection cameras are we need to discuss what a video surveillance system is.

A group of cameras recorded in a central storage place is, in short, a video surveillance system. Each camera has its own area to cover and is constantly recording its area. There are numerous camera features. In this instance we are discussing fire detecting cameras.

Fire Detection Importance

Catching fires while they are small is imperative. As I’m sure you’ve guessed fires are easiest to contain the smaller they are. In the past, communities have depended on people reporting fires as they see them. Having people report fires is still crucial to stopping wild fires, but there are a couple flaws with solely relying on the public to report fires:

  • Explaining geographically where the fire is – Many times when reporting a fire it is in the middle of no where. How do you tell authorities where the fire is when you’re just passing through on travel? How do you tell the authorities if you don’t know the area?
  • Time it takes to report the fire – Like I said in the previous bullet point fires can be in the middle of no where. That means it takes time to get to them. Even if you are given the exact coordinates fire stations are not setup in the middle of no where.
  • Whether or not someone actually reports it – Fires will go unreported at times. Some people don’t realize when they see a fire on the side of the road. They think maybe it is campers. Others don’t report fires because they assume someone is already is reporting it.

How do fire detection video surveillance cameras work?

Fire detection cameras have built in

  • Pan/tilt
  • Automatic zoom
  • Smoke recognition/detection
  • Night detection
  • Scene change detection

The cameras are monitored 24/7 by operators. Operators are sent a notifications by the camera if there is a fire detection. In addition to the 24/7 monitoring anyone can go to, and see the cameras for all of Nevada.


Information on Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is a passion of Shield Fire & Security. Whenever we find cool technology advancement we like to share it with everyone. If this article sparked your interest for a video surveillance system of your own get a free security assesment here or if you are just looking for more information click here.