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Prevent Holiday Theft

Holiday season has been in full swing. Half of us are happily singing holiday songs while the other half is rushing off to finish our gift shopping. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate most of us have been taking advantage of the holiday sales. How could you not? The sales amazing this time of year! What I want to bring to your attention today is if you are shopping then you are getting new shiny things. Criminals and thieves just so happen to love new shiny things. This means if you and your family want to keep your new shiny things safe you need to protect yourself from theft. Shield Fire & Security is going to give you a holiday theft protection crash course.

Here are 5 tips to prevent holiday theft:

  1. Breakdown Boxes
  2. Wait till trash day to get rid of anything
  3. Keep gifts away from windows
  4. Leave your expensive items at home while shopping.
  5. Install a security system

Prevent theft by….Breakdown Boxes

Let’s say your family just finished unwrapping holiday gifts. Naturally you are looking to throw away your trash in your garbage outside. The boxes however won’t fit in your garbage can so you just put them on the side. If you put your boxes outside in the open then everyone can see what you just added to your home. Boxes bring attention to what your family has inside. We recommend breaking down the boxes as much as possible. Turning the boxes inside out is also helpful or even stuffing them into black bags.

Prevent theft by….Waiting till trash day to get rid of anything

There are going to be items you cannot fit in your garbage can. Limited space is just inevitable. This is why my next tip isn’t very favorable, but hear me out….or read me out I should say…

Wait till trash day to get rid of anything. Find somewhere to put all of your goody wrappers out of sight until the garbage man comes. You want to do this so no one sees what your family just got as gifts. Thieves love to scope out their next target. They are not above looking into your trash just to see if you have anything worth taking. I know waiting to throw away your trash is super hard to do when you have so much of it, but it might save you against a burglary.

Prevent theft by…Keeping gifts away from the windows

Keep your gifts away from the windows. In some homes this is hard to do, but it’s imperative. I know for many families it is kind of the thing to have the family Christmas tree in the window. I definitely don’t blame you. I spend a lot of time on my Christmas tree and show it to anyone who comes over. Christmas trees are just peeerrrfect. If you put your Christmas tree by your window then people are intrigued see all the gifts you have under it. You don’t want people peering into your window to see how many gifts you have because that attracts unwanted visitors. Not only should you keep gifts away from the windows, but

you should keep anything of value out of site.

As I’m sure you guessed thieves look through the window to access your home. If it’s impossible to keep your valuables away from the window I would recommend thick curtains. Many people can see through blinds at certain angles so having just blinds is not ideal.


Prevent Theft by…Leaving valuables at home when shopping

This tip is a little off from the others, but it’s equally as important. Leave your valuables at home when you are shopping. Apparently during the holiday season there are thieves that target us while we are shopping! I know. I did not believe it either until it happened to me.

My husband and I were at the mall and there were a couple guys following us. My husband noticed it right away and pointed it out. We slowed down a bit to see if they would pass us. Then we heard them talking about my purse, and his watch. My husband of course was prepared for them. They were just a couple of punk teenagers, and we weren’t phased by them. However, all I could think is what if I had been by myself and they bombarded me? I would have rather just brought a cheap purse that day rather than be a target for a robbery. It is insane to me that people are that bold. The mass amount of people in the mall should be a deterrent, but of course it’s not. I suggest to keep your jewelry, purses, and watches at home.

Prevent Theft by…Installing a Security System

I know I know you just think I’m saying this because I’m with Shield Fire & Security, but seriously I’m not. Adding a security system to your home is one of the best things you can do to deter theft. Security systems are just one of those items that should just come with your house. When buying a house it should have walls, power, running water, floors, and an alarm!

Let me tell you why I love having an alarm in my house. There are several reason, but I will try to keep this short by telling you a story. One day my husband was out of town on business. I was home alone with my dogs, and all of a sudden my normally quiet dog just starts barking out of control. I quickly barricaded myself in my room and turned my alarm system on away. (For those who don’t have an alarm, arming the system Away arms all the devices including motions instead of just perimeter devices). I wasn’t sure if someone was in my home so if I armed my system away I knew one of my motions would go off, and help would soon be on its way.

When you watch a scary movie you always see that one person that goes to check out the strange noise. I’m definitely not that person. I’m always the one yelling at that person. Whether you are like me or you investigate with a gun, an alarm will confirm where someone is in your house. There is no more checking on random noises or wandering the house in your underwear. An alarm gives you peace of mind.

Shield Fire & Security

We wish you all happy holidays at Shield Fire & Security. If you have any questions or concerns give us a call at 702-570-6221 or contact us here. Stay safe everyone.







Gym Security Guide for Owners/Managers

Gyms security and thieves

Gym security is not something gym owners think about very often because generally thieves don’t target gyms.

Why wouldn’t thieves steal from Gyms?

  1. There isn’t enough cash on-site.
  2. The machines are too heavy to move.
  3. Resale price of exercise equipment is just not worth the effort to resell.
  4. Many gyms are 24/7 and always have someone there.

I know what you are thinking…Why are you writing this article if Gyms don’t need security from theft? Well just because thieves don’t target gyms doesn’t mean physical break-ins don’t happen.

In my opinion all businesses need at least a monitored alarm system. An alarm is especially important for 24/7 facilities (like gyms). For example Shield Fire & Security has a customer whose employee was held at gunpoint at a 24/7 facility. She was able to hit a panic button to notify the authorities that she was in trouble. The woman’s life was saved, and she is very thankful the business owner had the alarm for her safety.

Now that my alarm tangent is over let me go over the kind of theft Gyms have….

Gym Security against unconventional theft

It’s that time of year where we are all thinking about our new year resolutions. My top resolution is to go to the gym more. Obviously many others share this same resolution every year; otherwise my gym wouldn’t be packed with people every time the first of the year rolled around. This influx of people is what generally causes a gyms’ service to be abused. Gym members are difficult to track when they come in, especially if there’s always a lot of people coming in at once. There are unfortunately people who see the gym is very busy and take advantage by sneaking their friends in for free. If people get into the gym without the owner or manager knowing this causes a huge liability issue. The members “sneaking in” did not sign an agreement with the gym so if they get hurt the gym could be liable.

Shield Fire & Security can prevent this liability gamble by installing a video camera, and an access control card reader where members enter the building. These two devices intertwine together on a secure cloud hosted system called Brivo OnAir. The card reader only let’s in authorized members at the times the owner or manager designates. The camera will catch all visitors on clear crisp video whether it’s day or night. With Brivo OnAir you can have a video clip taken when the door opens, and can send a clip to your phone and/or email. If you are only concerned with visitors at night you can set a rule to only send clips at night. The Brivo OnAir app also allows you to login and see a full history of your card reader and video footage.

Gym Security for Employees

Let’s circle back to gym security for employees. I know we discussed this a bit earlier, but it’s an important topic to discuss with any business. Protecting your employees is imperative. Something that is not replaceable and insured is someone’s life.

Video surveillance system is a great thing to have as well as the panic button as I discussed earlier. Every gym in my opinion should have both of these items. Video surveillance will record any accidents that take place, for example someone pulling a muscle or hurting themselves on a machine. The panic button will make sure authorities and the owner/manager are contacted immediately in the event of an emergency. This event could be an unruly or dangerous person at the gym, someone having a heart attack, someone coming in without authorization, etc. Every business owner needs to be prepared for a an emergency whether it’s for insurance purposes, lawsuits, or overall safety. Having one of these security devices could save you 1000’s of dollars.

Gym Professional Security

Shield Fire & Security installs state-of-the art video surveillance systems, access control systems, burglar alarm systems, and fire alarm systems. Contact us today to pursue a security system for your business and/or home at 702-570-6221 or by clicking here. We give free quotes, and will walk your facility to tailor your security system to fit your needs. Shield Fire & Security urges you to have security equipment installed by a professional to ensure you get the quality and coverage you are looking for in an emergency.

Healthcare Facility Security

Healthcare Facility Security

Healthcare facilities are always under the security microscope. These facilities are not easy to run because of all the guidelines and parameters set in place:

  • Personal information must be protected.
  • Medications must be safeguarded.
  • Patients have to be in safe environments.
  • Employees can only be in certain areas of the building

In the past the security industry recognized healthcare law expansion as a knowledge gap for security. Today there is so much technology that could create a robust security system, yet one of the hardest parts is showing the value of this security to facility managers.

Today I will be discussing Eagle Eye Networks Video Surveillance and Brivo OnAir Access Control. Shield Fire & Security has customers that are just absolutely wowed by Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo OnAir.

Eagle Eye Networks Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks is a cloud-based video surveillance system. Shield Fire & Security loves using Eagle Eye Networks because it’s compatible with the Brivo OnAir access control system. This means you can remotely control your video surveillance system and access control system all on one platform. The cloud-based hosting also allows you to remotely access your systems from both your smart phone and computer from anywhere.

Eagle Eye Networks can work as so much more than a video surveillance system. For example parameters can be set so if a door is opened you will get a video clip sent to your phone every time someone goes through it. Times and schedules can be set up for alerts. Also, if an event occurs and you need to provide video to authorities that video can be easily uploaded to a USB drive.

Eagle Eye and Healthcare Facilities?

Healthcare Facilities love Eagle Eye video surveillance because the various IP cameras it is compatible with, and the versatility the cloud hosted system offers. Healthcare facilities need to keep constant video surveillance of pretty much every nook and cranny. This causes unnecessary use of the NVR. IP cameras that are connected to the Eagle Eye Bridge only record when there is movement. The record upon movement feature saves from pointless recording and allows you to increase memory storage at your leisure instead of buying a whole new NVR like “normal” camera systems. This feature alone has saved customers everywhere quite a bit of money.

Managers and doctors love the remote access of the video system. Logging into the system is so easy. Not only can you see your video from anywhere you can also assign users, and give them access to only certain video cameras in the system. They can also have notifications set up for certain time frames. For example in almost every healthcare facility there is a pharmaceuticals area. If someone accesses that area after business hours you can have a video clip sent right to your phone and/or email.

BRIVO OnAir Access Control Systems

Businessman entering safe code to unlock the door.

Brivo OnAir is a cloud hosted access control system. An access control system, for those of you who are not familiar, is electrified hardware that is added to doors to control when a door opens. Most systems use programmed key fobs or programmed cards to open a door, but there is such thing as mobile pass (access card on your phone) or opening a door from the Brivo OnAir app.

Just like Eagle Eye Networks Brivo OnAir is accessible from your phone or computer anywhere. As I mentioned earlier Eagle Eye actually integrates with the Brivo OnAir service so you can see both systems at the same time. Alerts and notifications can be set up intertwining your video surveillance system and your access control system.

Brivo OnAir and Healthcare Facilities

Access control systems are used in many Healthcare Facilities, so what’s so great about Brivo OnAir? Brivo OnAir

makes everything easy for end users. Older access control systems made it difficult to manage users on the system also in many cases you couldn’t assign each person to certain doors. That’s right, with Brivo OnAir you can pick and choose which users can access what doors, and get notifications if someone with the wrong credentials accessed the door.

Many Facilities also want to know when someone accessed a door. Brivo OnAir keeps an ongoing history of each door. Brivo will keep track of what time and what user accessed each door. This makes managing employees amazingly easy. Everyone is where they are supposed to be, at the time they said they’d be there, and if they aren’t you can get a notification straight to your phone and or email.

Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo OnAir For You

If you are interested in a video surveillance system or an access control system Shield Fire & Security can definitely help you. We give free consultations and will come right out to you. If you have any additional questions give us a call at 702-570-6221 or click here to send us an inquiry.