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Assessing your security needs and understanding security products

Do you know what to look for when considering a security system for your home or business? Well you have come to the right place. Today we are going to discuss what type of devices will work for specific and common situations that we come across on a daily basis. In this article we will also explain how these security devices work and why we trust them to do their job.

Assessing the location 

The first thing our professionally trained security consultants will look for are points of entry in the building. Doors, windows, skylights, dog doors and garage/overhead doors, all of these are potential entry points for any burglar. We’ll discuss how to protect these areas further into the article.

The next thing we look for is where to place the keypad and sirens. We want to place the keypad in a location that is easy for the customer to access, but not easy for any potential burglars to see the arming status of the system (armed or disarmed) through any windows or glass or storefront doors.

The siren should be placed in a central location so that it can reach its maximum potential of alerting anyone inside the building of a possible event taking place. External sirens should be placed in an area where the police or anyone near should be able to identify clearly where the sound is coming from.

Variable situations

We also look at variables or specific things that you may want to consider when purchasing an alarm system. For example, Large animals may set off your motion detectors.  To fix this issue, we commonly will use glass breaks to cover windows instead of motions.

Another example, perhaps you or a family member is elderly and would like the comfort of having a panic button on them at all times in case of a medical emergency. Shield Fire and Security can provide this feature so that if they hit the panic button, it will alert our monitoring station and contact anyone on the list of contacts that you provide. We can also provide a 2-way communication system.  A live operator will talk to the customer on a loud speaker in the event of an emergency. This way we can assess the situation in real time and dispatch the proper emergency personnel.

Our trusted security panels

There are many types of security devices and alarm panels to choose from. For most applications we choose to use the most reliable and most common alarm system used in North America, and that is the Honeywell Vista and Lynx panels.

With the vista panel, we can install or takeover any hardwired alarm system with ease. It is also possible to use wireless devices with this panel as well. The most commonly used panel is the Vista 20p, as it has the feature to separate two areas on the system. For example, say the customer has an office space with a warehouse in the back. Maybe the customer would like to arm the office and warehouse separately. Shield can provide that with ease.

The Lynx panel is a touchscreen alarm system, and is used mostly for wireless applications. It is considered an “All in One” alarm system because it includes the wireless receiver, keypad, and siren all in one compact system. The Lynx panel also has the luxury of adding home automation to the system.

Our previous post goes into further detail on home automation.

Burglar alarm Devices and Home Automation

Our trusted security devices

There are many different burglary prevention devices that can be applied to protect your assets.  The most common device for doors and windows is called a contact. It works by installing one side of the contact on one side of the door/window, while applying the magnetic side of the contact to the other. This provides a closed circuit, and lets the system know when the door/window is open or closed. These devices can be hardwired or wireless.

For window and hallway coverage, we typically use a PIR (passive Infrared) motion detector. The motion picks up the heat given off by humans and animals, any change of heat from one location to another will sound the alarm. There are also pet immune motions, which will not pick up anything under 35 lbs.

In the case that the customer does have large animals (over 35 lbs.) We will typically recommend using glass breaks to cover the windows instead of motion detectors. The glass break picks up the frequency of broken glass, and sounds the alarm.


Mobile Applications (Total Connect)

Shield Fire and Security also provides the mobile application known as total connect 2.0. Your phone can receive notifications for arming, disarming, alarms, troubles, and bypasses. In addition to the ability to arm and disarm the system remotely.


Before purchasing an alarm system, it is important to discuss what your specific needs are. Luckily, that is where our professionally trained security consultants can help as well. Hopefully this article has helped you to understand the many different ways to tailor a security system to your specifications.