Healthcare Facility Security

Healthcare Facility Security

Healthcare facilities are always under the security microscope. These facilities are not easy to run because of all the guidelines and parameters set in place:

  • Personal information must be protected.
  • Medications must be safeguarded.
  • Patients have to be in safe environments.
  • Employees can only be in certain areas of the building

In the past the security industry recognized healthcare law expansion as a knowledge gap for security. Today there is so much technology that could create a robust security system, yet one of the hardest parts is showing the value of this security to facility managers.

Today I will be discussing Eagle Eye Networks Video Surveillance and Brivo OnAir Access Control. Shield Fire & Security has customers that are just absolutely wowed by Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo OnAir.

Eagle Eye Networks Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks is a cloud-based video surveillance system. Shield Fire & Security loves using Eagle Eye Networks because it’s compatible with the Brivo OnAir access control system. This means you can remotely control your video surveillance system and access control system all on one platform. The cloud-based hosting also allows you to remotely access your systems from both your smart phone and computer from anywhere.

Eagle Eye Networks can work as so much more than a video surveillance system. For example parameters can be set so if a door is opened you will get a video clip sent to your phone every time someone goes through it. Times and schedules can be set up for alerts. Also, if an event occurs and you need to provide video to authorities that video can be easily uploaded to a USB drive.

Eagle Eye and Healthcare Facilities?

Healthcare Facilities love Eagle Eye video surveillance because the various IP cameras it is compatible with, and the versatility the cloud hosted system offers. Healthcare facilities need to keep constant video surveillance of pretty much every nook and cranny. This causes unnecessary use of the NVR. IP cameras that are connected to the Eagle Eye Bridge only record when there is movement. The record upon movement feature saves from pointless recording and allows you to increase memory storage at your leisure instead of buying a whole new NVR like “normal” camera systems. This feature alone has saved customers everywhere quite a bit of money.

Managers and doctors love the remote access of the video system. Logging into the system is so easy. Not only can you see your video from anywhere you can also assign users, and give them access to only certain video cameras in the system. They can also have notifications set up for certain time frames. For example in almost every healthcare facility there is a pharmaceuticals area. If someone accesses that area after business hours you can have a video clip sent right to your phone and/or email.

BRIVO OnAir Access Control Systems

Businessman entering safe code to unlock the door.

Brivo OnAir is a cloud hosted access control system. An access control system, for those of you who are not familiar, is electrified hardware that is added to doors to control when a door opens. Most systems use programmed key fobs or programmed cards to open a door, but there is such thing as mobile pass (access card on your phone) or opening a door from the Brivo OnAir app.

Just like Eagle Eye Networks Brivo OnAir is accessible from your phone or computer anywhere. As I mentioned earlier Eagle Eye actually integrates with the Brivo OnAir service so you can see both systems at the same time. Alerts and notifications can be set up intertwining your video surveillance system and your access control system.

Brivo OnAir and Healthcare Facilities

Access control systems are used in many Healthcare Facilities, so what’s so great about Brivo OnAir? Brivo OnAir

makes everything easy for end users. Older access control systems made it difficult to manage users on the system also in many cases you couldn’t assign each person to certain doors. That’s right, with Brivo OnAir you can pick and choose which users can access what doors, and get notifications if someone with the wrong credentials accessed the door.

Many Facilities also want to know when someone accessed a door. Brivo OnAir keeps an ongoing history of each door. Brivo will keep track of what time and what user accessed each door. This makes managing employees amazingly easy. Everyone is where they are supposed to be, at the time they said they’d be there, and if they aren’t you can get a notification straight to your phone and or email.

Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo OnAir For You

If you are interested in a video surveillance system or an access control system Shield Fire & Security can definitely help you. We give free consultations and will come right out to you. If you have any additional questions give us a call at 702-570-6221 or click here to send us an inquiry.







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