HOA Security Guide

HOA Security is one of those topics that is always being discussed. When a group of people live in the same area they tend to need a board that focuses on the ongoing struggles the community faces. One of the biggest concerns a HOA will have is security. Security can have different meanings. Shield Fire & Security works with HOAs to find out what security means to them and how we can help.

How to Secure HOAs?

Securing HOAs is a very broad subject. There are many ways to increase HOA security, but you have to see what is most important in your area. This is why boards meet roughly every quarter to discuss the issues that are arising in their communities. If HOAs spend their time and resources on items that are not necessarily an issue they won’t have the resources left for items that are truly concerning. For example maybe an apartment complex has a dark corner of the complex that always gets vandalized. A HOA manager should consider addressing that issue before maybe fixing a crack in the side walk. What I’m going to do is give my expert opinion on what HOAs should be focusing on when it comes to security.

Property Management and HOA security

As you know you have a big job securing your communities. Many times there are multiple properties involved, and your job gets hectic. Shield Fire & Security works with HOAs almost every day so we know how full your “To Do List” can be. I’ll make this easy for you, here is a list of common security issues property managers and HOAs face, and Shield Fire & Security’s solution:

  • Vandalism at the community’s pool.
  • Vandalism at the community’s gates.
  • Unwanted visitors.
  • Fires
  • Theft

Vandalism at the community’s pool

The obvious solution is to discipline our kids and let them know this behavior is not okay, but hey this isn’t a parenting guideline blog. Shield Fire & Security always recommends a video surveillance system equipped with notifications. Many locations have video surveillance at the pool, but they are outdated. The outdated video surveillance systems always have problems like white out faces, fuzziness, glitching, and the most favorite blacking out. With an updated system you can finally catch the faces of the perpetrators. Many times we can use your existing wiring, and just replace your old cameras with new ones. The good news about these cameras is they normally come equipped with notifications. Now if there is movement at 11 pm on a Wednesday at the pool you can get a text and/or email with a video clip of the person there.

Vandalism to the community’s gates

Gate vandalism is also huge problem in communities. What can you do to prevent it though? You can’t install an electric fence like you want to do. The only option to prevent vandalism is deter people from harming the gate. You can hang a sign saying, “Warning trespassers and vandals will be prosecuted”. In addition to the sign you can install a camera overlooking the gate. Many communities had reservations about installing a camera by the gate because it wasn’t cost effective. In the past your only choice to have a camera by the gate was to trench the wire from the DVR/NVR to the gate. Now there are a cloud hosted cameras and even solar power cameras making it more cost effective than ever.

Unwanted Visitors

Unwanted visitors are problematic to HOAs for a number of reason. can be detered by having a pinhole camera installed into your pass code box by your gate. This camera will catch the faces of all members that come into the community. The camera is virtually undetectable and depending on the camera gives a great picture even in the dark! If your community has a lot of unwanted visitors we recommend an on-property security guard as well.


A fire is one of the most devastating events that can happen. Shield Fire & Security recommends following all city guidelines. City of Las Vegas Guidelines Guidelines and fire codes help prevent fires and preventing fires is serious business here in Nevada. The City of Las Vegas also provides information sheets based on your industry. If you are not located in Las Vegas please refer to your city’s fire guidelines.

Fire alarms are often needed for commercial buildings and large homes. If a fire alarm is needed in your building often times monitoring that fire alarm is a must. Preventing fires is a top priority and if you ever have questions in regards to a fire alarm system Shield Fire & Security would love to assist. We install and provide annual inspections for fire alarms, and we also monitor fire alarms and sprinkler systems.


Einbrecher dringt in ein Haus ein.

The word “theft” also has a broad meaning. HOAs are concerned with any and all theft such as: auto theft, home burglary, public property theft, etc. If theft is a problem in your community we recommend a neighborhood watch, and possibly a security guard.

We also suggest teaming with a security company such as Shield Fire & Security. Teaming with us would give all of your residences a point of contact to secure their home. Teaming with us would also mean high discounts for you and you residences. To find out more about our Partnership program fill out a contact form on our site or give us a all at 702-570-6221.


Shield Fire & Security Works with HOAs

Shield Fire & Security is equipped with the knowledge and know-how to work with your HOA. We have worked with many HOA boards, and understand HOA processes. Most importantly we would love the opportunity to speak with you.


Reach Shield Fire & Security by our contact form or calling us at 702-570-6221.




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