Introducing Brivo OnAir

Introducing Brivo OnAir

Brivo OnAir is cloud-based platform that manages access control systems and video surveillance systems. A very simple definition of access control is that its an electronic system that locks doors. A video surveillance system is a system that records video to a storage that you can review later. The Brivo platform allows you to manage your security system from anywhere via the internet by smartphone, tablet, or computer. (IOS & Android compatible). Business owners worldwide rely on Brivo to secure their buildings because of its innovative technology.


  • User friendly
  • Real-time monitoring management
  • Remote management
  • Set schedules
  • Cost effective
  • Secure
  • Scalability
  • Assign credentials to individuals

Access Control Integration

Brivo OnAir Management from multiple devices

Brivo has been in the access control industry since 1999. The cloud for their access control systems rolled out in 2002. Ever since the cloud was introduced new features have been coming out almost every year.

Now instead of having an access control card to get into a door you can use your phone. You can also run reports of all the events, assign credentials and schedules, receive notifications, login from anywhere, and manage your video surveillance system in addition to your access control system.

Learn more about access control on our site click here.

Video Integration

Video Management via Brivo OnAir

In the past Brivo only offered access control cloud hosting. Then Brivo incorporated Eagle Eye Networks (cloud hosted video surveillance) into their platform. So now both access control and video surveillance can be managed together. Not only can both systems be monitored at the same time, but access control doors and cameras can be associated with each other.

For example: ABC company has an access control door that leads into a room of pharmacy medication. This door has a camera before you enter the door. ABC company can set a rule that says every time the pharmacy door is opened record 5 seconds before the card swipe and 5 seconds after the card swipe then send it to my email and phone.

Learn more about video surveillance on our site site click here.

The Cloud Explained

How do you get Brivo OnAir?

Shield Fire & Security is an authorized dealer of Brivo. This just means we went through the proper training, and Brivo endorses us to provide their service. Unless you are authorized by Brivo you cannot buy Brivo equipment directly from Brivo nor would you want to. The process of getting all the equipment together and then installing it would be a nightmare if you haven’t had the extensive training we have. There is also so many different cameras you can choose for your surveillance system, and your storage options are endless.

If you contact Shield Fire & Security we will listen to what you want/need, and we will provide a free quote. Click here to contact us at Shield or call 702-570-6221.



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